Top Ten Player Facts

Top Ten Player Facts

Oct 15, 2008

1. The average age of gamers is 28 years.

2. 60% of players are male. 40% are female.

3. 8% of gamers are seniors (over 60 years).

4. Women and older Australians are the fastest growing audiences for interactive games.

5. 35% of gamers are parents.

6. 60% of gamers play for up to an hour at a time a few times a week.

7. 73% of parents say that games help their children learn about technology.

8. Playing computer and video games does not compete with non-media and outdoor leisure activities. Instead it competes with other media such as TV, film and music.

9. Research by the Australian government shows Australians are confused about the difference between the M and MA15+ classifications.

10. 88% of Australians support a common classification system for games and films.