EB Games: Australia voices their opinion: we need an R18+ rating!

EB Games: Australia voices their opinion: we need an R18+ rating!

Feb 24, 2010

24FEB10JH-375BRISBANE, Queensland–Feb. 24, 2010—EB Games, Australia’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer, today announced that they received over 46,000 submissions in support of the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games.

In response to customer demand, EB Games gave consumers the opportunity through their 350 stores across Australia and online at www.ebgames.com.au to sign a petition that will form part of the EB Games submission to the Attorney-General’s Department. The EB Games submission, which will be tabled later this week, will support the iGEA submission presented earlier this week.

“EB Games fully supports the iGEA’s submission for the introduction of an R18+ rating. This introduction of an R18+ rating in Australia is long overdue and we have welcomed this opportunity to show the Government that this is an issue that is not only supported by the gaming industry but also by the majority of Australians.” said EB Games Managing Director Steve Wilson.

EB Games collected over 30,000 hand signed submissions in just 2 weeks along with an additional 16,000 submissions that were collected online in conjunction with Grow Up Australia. This equated to an astonishing total of over 46,000 submissions in support of an R18+ rating.

In response to this, Steve Wilson stated, “The response that we have received to our petition in just 2 weeks has been simply phenomenal. Over 46,000 Australian’s have taken the time to show their support for the introduction of an R 18+ rating”.

He continued, “This ground swell of support has proven in no uncertain terms once and for all, that there is not just a minority calling for this change, but rather everyday Australians”.

Finally Steve reiterated, “This is not a call for violent video games, but rather a better classification system and fair go for the local industry. Titles such as Left For Dead 2 in their unedited form are being imported unregulated and unclassified into Australia. This is not only concerning from a classification perspective, but it is also affecting local jobs”.

EB Games will be delivering their submission and all the publics signed submissions, equating to 158kg of paper, to the Attorney-General’s Department this week.

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    Having a debate about the option to buy or own “R rate classified games is ludicrous. The content in these games is no greater than any “M rated movie” i have ever seen!
    Alternatively watching crap like Seinfeld & the Nanny makes me want to go out & hurt people!!!
    My point is violent behaviour usually stems from a form of mental illness, that usually develops in childhood; children who torture & kill animals have an 80% chance of developing Sociopathic tendencies (ie serial killers).
    But did Ted Bundy play Xbox play R rated games before he raped, tortured & mudered atleast 30 women? Answer NO!

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