Peter Beattie adds support to the R18+ debate

Peter Beattie adds support to the R18+ debate

Jul 5, 2010

The former Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, has written an Opinion piece for the Australian lending support to the R18+ debate.  Peter has recognised the contribution that games make to the Australian economy and entertainment in general and suggests it’s time to make an R18+ rating a reality.  To read this piece, click here

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  1. This is going to just force games underground like smoking drinking if you raise the price. Most minors are already surrounded by the sort of content in r18 and r16 games on television with violence and sex and drugs, its every where on billboards, advertising at school with their peers so why postpone them from learning and most of the time they already know and their parents just rent the games for them the best thing to do is expose them to it explain in so they understand it and let them figure it out for themselves.

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