Digital Australia 2014

Digital Australia 2014

Oct 21, 2013

Digital Australia 2014 (DA14) is the latest research report commissioned by IGEA, from Bond University, which examines the role interactive entertainment plays in Australian households.    DA14 presents data on the lifestyles, habits, attitudes and demographics of Australians who play computer and video games, as well as how Australians are consuming interactive games in conjunction with other digital technologies.

You can download the following:

Digital Australia 2014 – DA14

Digital Australia 2014 – Key Findings

Digital Australia 2014 – Infographic

DA14 Presentation by Jeff Brand

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  1. Sean Riley /

    Will the IGEA ever release the more detailed findings? Every time the report comes out, its findings are immediately met with skepticism because of how broad the results are. For example, the ‘47% of gamers are female’ figure immediately comes under fire: Gamer in what sense? Indeed, what data you have released seems to back up the criticisms — Women play in shorter spurts fewer times per week than men do. (Page 16.) The same chart likewise seems to counter much of the punch from the ‘The average age of a gamer is 32’. Yes, but look at the hours/times per week chart again, and you see a very firm cluster of men aged between 6-35 with the most playtime being the stereotypical gamer: a 16-25 year old man.

    Saying things like “47% of women are gamers” isn’t untrue by the widest possible definitions, but it remains deceptive and lets the industry off the hook. The industry DOES have a problem marketing to women. They should acknowledge this.

    • The DA Report is released and updated every 2 years and we generally add in different questions each time due to the changing nature of the industry. We do provide details on our Methodology at the front of the report including the definition of a gamer, although everyone may not necessarily agree with this definition of a gamer.
      If there are some exact findings you are after, please let us know and we will see what we can do. Email us at

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