IGEA’s letter to SA’s Strategic Communications Unit

IGEA’s letter to SA’s Strategic Communications Unit

Dec 12, 2013

You may have seen the recent billboard campaign in SA from nogame.sa.gov.au about games and gambling.  Here is our letter in response.


  1. Well done, a stern and immediate response was warranted. I look forward to hearing the response.

  2. Just a point of interest:

    Did anyone else notice that the focus of the NOGAME campaign is “simulated gambling”?
    The site (http://nogame.com.au/) is at pains to use the word “simulated” at all times.

    Quote from the NOGAME site:
    “Gambling is only available to adults through licensed operators whose activities are regulated in order to safeguard children from the potential harms of gambling.”
    Well that’s good then.
    So, we can just make all those evil computer games offering simulated gambling MA15+…

    …and we don’t need to upset big companies like PEPSI, COKE and MARS (just for examples) who offer Trade Promotion Lotteries to entrants as young as 13 on their online websites…

    Maybe the SA Government could tidy up that little loophole as part of their NOGAME campaign?

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