Did You Know?

“In 2008, Australia’s video and computer game industry recorded its largest ever sales result of $1.96 billion.”,
“The most popular gaming genre is ‘Family Games’, growing by 137 per cent in 2008.”,
“In 2008, games software sales increased by 57 per cent, games consoles increased by 43 per cent and gaming hardware rose by 68 per cent”,
“The interactive gaming industry is witnessing strong year on year growth, with sales increasing by 112 per cent since 2006.”,
“Most adults (nearly two-thirds) are not aware that Australia lacks an R18+ classification.”,
“91 per cent of gamers and non-gamers believe the rating should be introduced.”,
“Nearly 10 per cent of all games in Australian homes are illegal copies.”,

“The average age of an Australian gamer is 30 years old.”,
“Interactive gaming is now as popular as watching tv or surfing the net with 68 per cent of all Australians playing video and computer games.”,
“88 per cent of homes have a device for playing computer or video games.”,
“More women are playing games with 46 per cent of gamers being female, an increase of 5 per cent from 2007.”,
“More families are engaging with games with 70 per cent of parents in game households playing games”,
“92 per cent of parents say they are aware of the types of games that are being played in their homes.”,
“80 per cent of parents in game households play games with their children.”,
“The average adult gamer has been playing for 11 years.”,
“The average game play session is one hour.”,
“17 per cent of adults who play games admit to having pirated games in their collection.”,

“In 2010, 88.5 per cent of New Zealand households have a device for playing computer games.”,

“In NZ all homes with children under the age of 18 have a device for playing computer games.”,

“The average age of video game players in New Zealand is 33 years.”,

“78 per cent of gamers in New Zealand are aged 18 years or older.”,

“Females make up 44 per cent of the total game population in NZ.”,

“According to INZ10, as many as 46 per cent of gamers play online and 59 per cent with others in the same room.”,

“Across New Zealand, PCs are in 82 per cent of game households, consoles in 69 per cent .”,

“In NZ, Family and action games account for nearly 40 per cent of all game software sold in 2009.”,

“The New Zealand computer games industry is growing at an annualised rate of more than 12 per cent and conducted over $170 million in 2009 according to GfK OzToys point of sale data.”