Showdown (Formerly Spiral Media)

IGEA Representative:

Scott Wenkart, CEO


About the company:

Showdown is the leading video games & entertainment publisher in APAC and the exclusive distributor of Twitch Media products in Australia & New Zealand. With 276 billion minutes of content watched on Twitch in 2016 and a core audience of millenials it represents a key channel for brands seeking to build awareness across live video platforms. Since partnering with Twitch.TV, Showdown have scaled the business across the region offering standard and custom media solutions to a wide range of clients including major games publishers, hardware distributors, financial institutions and entertainment brands.

Based in the heart of Fox Studios, Australia’s home to film and content creation, the Showdown team are developing gaming and esports solutions to help brands connect and grow within the Twitch ecosystem and beyond.

At their Sydney HQ they have also developed Showdown Studios, a high end production suite which serves as venue and offers production services for gaming and esports live broadcasts.

Throwdown is the esports league run and managed by parent company Showdown. Kicking off in January 2017 in the first two seasons of Rocket League alone over 500,000 fans have tuned in. Throwdown provides brands turnkey solutions to support and gain exposure to the huge Australian & New Zealand esports community.