Spiral Media

IGEA Representative:

Scott Wenkart, CEO, Spiral Media


About the company:

Spiral Media is the leading video games & entertainment publisher in APAC. Spiral has been a major driver in bringing media into gaming since 2008. In 2013 Twitch.TV partnered with Spiral to provide Twitch Australasia with a local presence and the capability to successfully expand and scale Twitch.TV’s services to the gaming and media industries. Prior to Spiral’s partnership with Twitch, Spiral launched in APAC, IGN Asia and EA Games Media. More recently Spiral has expanded into exciting new areas of the gaming industry which compliment the Twitch.TV business including, building Australia’s leading online eSports weekly community nights @ 6T4Sports in partnerships with Faceit, creating 6T4Bites – Australia’s largest local Twitch variety channel, developing Showdown Studios which provides studios and venues for gaming and eSports live broadcast & management of gaming VIPs. Spiral’s HQ is in Sydney.


Video games, Editorial, Publishing, Content Production, Live streaming, eSports, Twitch.TV